An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree

27 February – 2 March 2012, 6:30PM

BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

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On 27 February a fresh, new dance work will be premiered at BATS Theatre as part of the 2012 New Zealand Fringe Festival. An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree investigates apathy and alienation, anger and agitation in the context of current sociopolitical environments and ponders why these feelings manifest themselves in today’s limply-bound communities.

Director and choreographer, Oliver Connew, a third-year classical major at the New Zealand School of Dance, is working with performance collaborators Fleur Cameron and Gareth Okan, who, too, both have been through the New Zealand School of Dance. Alongside composer, Marika Pratley, the group has been rehearsing deep in the dungeons of Te Whaea National Dance and Drama Centre since mid-January.

But in no way is the process secret or hidden. Regular postings to a Facebook page keep an interested public informed and engaged in the issues that this work addresses. Over time, questions that were asked of the cast and crew during the research process will be posed to our audience: Do you feel important? Do you live in an important time? Is your family close? Do you feel more connected than ever?

The contemporary themes in this show directly address the director’s personal experience and its relationship to the sociopolitical environment that he and his peers currently find themselves in. Beginning with the Arab Spring and spreading across the globe in the form of the Occupy Movement, people have begun to question fundamentals of our societies and where they are headed, as well as questioning a previous unfortunate willingness to agree.

An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree is being lovingly and passionately crafted by a supremely creative team of artists, as well as being co-produced by The Wanderer Productions and Salted:Singlet.

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Contact Name:  Oliver Connew

Contact Phone: 027 238 2366



Co-producer: Naomi Lamb

Contact Phone: 021461583



Sponsors/Supporters: BATS Theatre, NZ Fringe Festival, Creative NZ, DANZ, Central Osteopathy, Dominion Post, Vapour Momenta Books