Director’s Note for “An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree”


Recently, in what seems like very quick succession, all of my immediate family have packed up their belongings, newly produced children, and fled Wellington, my home town. There were once upwards of 13 of us, now I’m the only one left. So, at times of significance, such as birthdays and Christmas, technology is called upon to tether a connection for a few short moments. Everybody knows this technology offers less than a satisfactory substitute for actual and close contact; everybody knows it’s a compromise.

This work directly addresses my personal experience, and how it relates to current socio- political environments. With the Arab Spring, and then the Occupy Movement spreading around the globe, people are questioning fundamentals of our societies, where we are headed, and questioning, too, a previous unfortunate willingness to agree. I believe that my personal experience is an epitomisation of the type of compromise that people have begun to rail against.

Before we started in-studio rehearsals, I asked each member of the cast and crew a number of questions, in a bid to understand their feelings about the themes of this work. We talked of physical contact, connectedness, anger, apathy and family.

We invite you, too, to partake in this on-going discussion by watching our performance and, perhaps, asking questions yourself.

Oliver Connew / February 2012