THREE performers, a live television broadcast, a real time Skype connection to a sister in London at 6.15 am and an intriguing and totally empathetic musical score by Marika Pratley are the substance of young choreographer Oliver Connew’s look at a family-his- in transit and a collapse of connections in both personal and global reality.
The starting point of many dilemmas and the resulting unsatisfactory compromises made in the journey that is our daily life, both socially and politically, is inherent in the title of this work. At times the three dancers, Gareth Okan, Fleur Cameron and Connew himself seem in harmony and agreement with some energised vocabulary and much use of rebound off each other, the walls and the ‘news’. At other times the individuality of purpose rings true and there is an unfortunate willingness to agree!
A little more clarity and development of movement phrases and a concern that as a statement of a generation they seem to find no fun in being, but their commitment to explore and go beyond their own personal creative comfort zones made for an intriguing time spent contemplating their world.
An impressive grasp of a theatre space and an evident commitment by the artistic team to find a cohesion shows promise and a new choreographic voice emerging that is young and strong. Well done. And Bravo also as I write I have just heard that An Unfortunate Willingness to Agree won Best Dance in the Fringe Festival that has just ended.