I paid this yesterday and I feel a bit of a fraud for doing so. Long story short, as is usual with parking tickets, it wasn’t my fault (as in it wasn’t me who put it in an illegal position, it was the mechanic that did) and I shouldn’t have to pay it. I sent a letter ages ago explaining and this was the only reply. To protest further sounded like more than $200 worth of effort and stress, so I rationalised and I paid it. Rationalism, the status quo relies on it. Too much money, effort and stress to serve justice. It is a familiar notion. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. But we have to pay (significant amounts) to prove ourselves innocent, which seems to me more like ‘guilty until you can pay to prove yourself innocent’. Surely the crown should foot the bill (as well as stress and effort) for all costs until someone is proven guilty, thence the crim can pay. If innocent, then the bill (and stress and effort) should remain with the crown.