A valued response to Globus Cruciger from Val Smith via Facebook…

oliver, loved your work last night, very clever, it continues to unfold in my mind, the complexity of meaning. i think it very effectively dealt with the issue of colonialism. i wondered about having what appeared to be a ‘middle class white girl’ in the ‘native chorus’ crew. but it seems to make sense to me now. loved those trees uprooted. and the casting was great. the subverted footwork taken from kapa haka. very well considered and refinedgood on you, see you round, valVal! Thanks very much. That’s really great feedback. When I noticed that I had chosen a cast so clearly ethnically diverse I realised that I probably wouldn’t be able to control how the audience might read into a brown male dancing with a white female. Skin colour (unfortunately) became a tricky negotiation. But the necessity of that negotiation says things in itself i think..

Thanks again! Glad you got something from it! smile