All My TXTs Come From Vodafone asks whether it can be made to appear that there are many people in a space when indeed there is only one. A solo trying not to be. A performer’s interaction with the space between him and no one.

Performed at Tatwerk Berlin, 4 July 2014.

ALL MY TXTS COME FROM VODAFONE – Tatwerk, Berlin, 4 July 2014 from Salted:Singlet on Vimeo.

Some thoughts from Shelley Etkin who was there that night:

Herzlich wilkommen hangs in the air on balloons, string dangling down to frame the space. We form a circle around Oliver Connew.

Disjointing, and rebuilding, Oliver draws us into his world to co-imagine conversation. With concentrated physical presence, Oliver slowly transforms the space — marking and demarcating. Herzlich wilkommen comes down to ground level. Oliver’s confrontation with this messages and lines of white tape remind me of airport security lines. Here, restraint is a tool to be played with and expanded. With rising physicality I am entranced by limbs flying and nearly crashing, yet respecting the gentle firm presence of the hovering balloons. As a “solo trying not to be” I wonder who else is in the space with us. What times, processes, and companions comprise this world?